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How to create Web sites with content a good user experience?

2009 September 1
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Posted by dongyuanbin

1, provide highly relevant content and subject

To establish a clear theme, to provide with highly relevant content. To avoid the piling up of unrelated content. In establishing the web site topic, consider also how to further classification. You can also select a topic, user-friendly user-friendly domain name to remember your URL.

2, providing original content

Users come to your site, they want to see the content not available elsewhere; blindly copying the contents of the will destroy the user experience (to use the program will automatically grab the content of your site’s ranking in the search results have a negative impact). If you do need reproduced, please respect the original creator’s copyright, indicating the origin of the article (for a text link). Attempted to put their energy to organize, edit, and expand the content to make it more match your own site’s theme, style and layout. If you also provide multimedia content, such as online video or music, you can provide text descriptions. If these elements are embedded in your web page, allowing users to your website will be able to appreciate the content, so much the better.

3, to provide some user-friendly features

For example, you can provide Search capabilities allow users to quickly find the content they want; You can also conduct your site user surveys to understand their own strengths and weaknesses of the site, allowing users to feel that you care about them ; You can also provide a reasonable image alt text in order to facilitate can not view images or slow users.

4, using a clear, user-friendly browsing interface and page layout

A good user interface for any web site, including Google, Baidu, Yahoo and other search engines are very important, it can give the user a good first impression to the user how to navigate web site also very important. If you want to use multimedia, such as Flash, then you have to think of ways to make Flash content sites can be properly indexed by search engines.

5, maintaining their own websites

Site is “black” is a nightmare of a station master. Please check your site on a regular basis to ensure that the site security. At the same time, you should avoid your site was malicious software attacks.

To provide an effective and easy to obtain contact information can help you get the most direct feedback from users; if your site have forums or message boards, it is best to ensure that they are not spam exploited.

Today, to celebrate

2009 August 31
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Posted by dongyuanbin
Today, to celebrate, this blog has established more than 20 days, and has never been included google last week I made a lot of links in this blog today, this blog has finally been included in google, and look collected 14 pages, really happy :)

Greatly increased traffic to the site

2009 August 29
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Posted by dongyuanbin

For a Web site, the ranking can be the fastest, that is, all your articles no matter what you write, the content of how the ever-changing, but their is only one point to the theme, using their own keywords bordered to achieve marketing goals.

seo theory about too broad, and to understand the theoretical knowledge that is very blunt, I believe you and me dizzy. So, I just learn a trick like that is how I get my site is more authoritative.

In general, the theme of a web site a number of topics than those covered by the website’s ranking is higher. The establishment of a 200-page website, content is the same theme, this site’s ranking will continue to upgrade, because in this theme where your site is considered authoritative. For example, our web site and our Wang Pu, I took over after the first thing is this: to find keywords. Let the search engine “spiders” crawling the article index, thereby increasing the quality of the site.

However, when looking for keywords, do not seek more Zhiqiu refined. Should be considered “People in the search engines to find this article would be what kind of search keywords? Such as our web site, I hit the keyword density of the Teflon, peek at the words. In all my articles Lane, Teflon, peek, etc. These keywords will appear mundane, and even the title also appears these keywords.

After a month of effort, the harvest can be seen, our web site click-through rate to be linear rise in Baidu where queries are also N-page will appear. But we are far more backward in the Wang Pu, and only took a few days, but I think that it is using this tactic may not be long before our web site click-through rates will greatly improve.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have to be properly using keywords.

What will SEO finally turn?

2009 August 28
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Posted by dongyuanbin

Along with search engine technology gradually improving, the SEO technology also must change along with the search engine technology consummation conforms to search engine fondness.

The search engine technology adjustment goal is in order to give the search engine user by the better user experience, but searches engine user use search engine is in order to find a best website which conforms to its demand, therefore SEO finally can develop turns their own website the website which own goal customer most needs.
This is the SEO development tendency.In fact, SEOer had very many has already realized this point, therefore in SEO always emphasized “the content was the king” idea.
In the future, there will not possibly be able to have special SEOer, any operation  which improved the website the user experience all to be possible to regard as is SEO, SEO can integrate the website construction each link.

a small sum after work 2 months

2009 August 27
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Posted by dongyuanbin

Unconsciously, I had already graduated 2 months, and to companies also spent 2 months, and blog has done a fortnight, but google has not included, feel good failure, I must find ways to overcome difficulties and regain the confidence! !GOGOGO!!!

several ways of google punishment

2009 August 26
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Posted by dongyuanbin

On the google search engine penalties, I believe that many webmasters are not unfamiliar with this. There should be experienced, there are going through. Google has a lot of punishment in the form of websites, according to Web site violate Google’s webmaster guidelines of the pros and cons, there are the size of the intensity of punishment. The web site may not be punished in the SERP, in some cases, simply does not appear. Search Engine punishment in several ways

1. Google sandbox effect
2. Expired domain penalty
3. Duplicate content penalty
4. Google supplemental index

Google Sandbox Effect

Many search engine optimization experts have speculated that the new site appears to go through a test period in order to get good rankings in Google. In fact, many new sites seem to have passed this stage, and many people find the need to maintain the period of approximately 6 months. Matt Cutts in an interview with Barry Schwartz pointed out that “there may be an algorithm similar to the sandbox thing, but not every business exist.

We believe that Google may not explicitly have such a “sand box”, but this effect is true. To this end, it should be considered “effect”rather than” punishment. “It may be the combined effect of several algorithms, rather than a” sand box method. “It seems many sites are not bound by the rule, in particular, are those obtained from an authoritative sites link to the site. For example, from the authority of the site and a number of other well-known Web site links, you can make a Web site, were freed from the sand box effect.

Some people assume that Yahoo had a similar algorithm factors, but not so serious and clear. MSN Search looks like there is no such realization.

Expired domain penalty

Using the previously expired domain name to launch a new Web site, used to be used to avoid this trouble is that the “sandbox effect.” Previously been able to work is because Google has not yet realized that the site is new. Recently Google has to be to make up for this flaw, it now appears only occasionally happened to chance.

An expired domain name may now be subject to temporary punishment. This is important because prior to the site get good rankings an additional delay. In some cases, Google will not even during this period to retrieve these pages that try to steal the contents of this site.

Google may also re-register the domain name obtained before any links drop points. Other search engines also appears in front of the expired domain name will not be punished.

Duplicate content penalty

Search engines try to avoid multiple copies of the same content (ie duplicate content) retrieval. Many experts believe that search engine optimization, search engine will not only not retrieve the page, but also contain duplicate content on the site would be punished.

On this issue there are still controversial, but in any case, the site of the duplicate content will not increase in any major search engine rankings. Therefore, we should avoid duplication of content, on how to avoid duplicate content, think Europe has 100 million related to the article described separately.

Google supplemental index

This is not a strict sense of the punishment, but punishment may be the result. Google search data it collects will be placed in two indexes: the main index and supplemlental Index. Supplemental index is stored with Google due to various reasons, that the less important pages. The results from the supplemental index often appears in Google query results of the last (unless the query is very special), and these results are labeled as supplemental results.

Although from the outside to see, Google has not shown any additional index markers, but may be in-house web pages to determine the value of Google is still one of the procedures.

With regard to Google’s punishment, there are many. Such as those on top of negative 6, negative 30, negative 60 penalties, reducing the overall ranking sites and so on. Of these, I will in a later article, gradually introduce to you.

10 of common marketing approach

2009 August 25
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Posted by dongyuanbin

1. Construction Enterprise blog or forum. Of course, websites will add new content.
2. Service experience. If your customers can offer based on your product or service to write a short text, or to explore your product / service benefits the better. You can use them as proof of success on the Web site.
3. On the home page to open up an expert question and answer section. Request an expert to answer questions, and then posted a week on the home page or half a question and answer interview questions and answers to the past, the information station and then to be a searchable archive.
4. Product review. If your industry has products or software needs evaluation, could be considered a fair evaluation to write some articles. The article posted to its Web site. Readers will always be a fair evaluation of the integrity of interest because the author biased list of products without losing the strengths and weaknesses.
5. Frequently Asked Questions. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is your target group wants to understand the content. When you received a question from the audience, on the inside to add a new FAQ question and answer content, keep it updated.
6. Manual. People like to see user’s manual. If you are online sales flush toilet parts, why not write a report on “How to install the toilet in the bathroom,” the instruction manual it? For your customers convenience, customers will flow. Write a series of user manual. Over time you will be of concern to everybody, and and can visit the web site traffic into sales, you will be on the Internet outside the charming.
7. Quote the classics. For instance, your site is to sell steel pipes. What is the history of steel? To create a page devoted to the bar about its history. In fact, you can also create pages on the following elements: steel and other types of metal pipe comparison, why would rust, the steel hardness of how the real value of steel … and so on, all of which will be a very valuable components.
8. Seasonal articles. Many industries are seasonal, the seasonal articles are often also very popular.
9. Statistics. On your web site to provide some statistical data is also an increase in content. If the statistical data does not come from your own, it is best to provide such a source of information!
10. Biographies of important figures. Associated with your industry Oh, like you run a website on the history of the American Civil War or an old bookstore, which is very useful.
All of these should be according to your industry, your product or service is different, and you also need to draw on collective wisdom. Keep in mind when creating content: Quality. Let’s get started. Do not try to take the “shortcuts.” Success comes from hard work.

many kinds of google bots

2009 August 24
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Posted by dongyuanbin

Google sended different Googlebot to carry on obtaining to the web page contents.Mainly include:

Googlebot:Grab at the writing contents in the web page.The contents of obtaining keeps the database that searches and searches with news at the Google web page.The Google that we generally talk robot mainly points this.
Googlebot-Mobile:Grab at web page in of writing contents, used for Google the cellular phone search.
Googlebot-Image:The picture contents that grabs at inside the web page, keeps into Google the picture search a database.
Mediapartners-Google:Grab at web page in of writing contents, used for Google Adsense analyze a keyword.Only threw in Google Adsense web page would drive Mediapartners-Google the locator climb to take.
Adsbot-Google:Grab at web page in of writing contents, used for providing a reference for Google AdWords.Only Google AdWords target web page would drive Adsbot-Google the locator climb to take.

Googlebot and Mediapartners-Google are very diligent robots, if they influence your server of acceptance dint, you can take into to stop through a robots.txt document.

Five greatest SEO characteristics

2009 August 20
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Posted by dongyuanbin

Firstly, the contents is right way, the soul of website is a contents!Even if you of SEO make it again good, the renewal speed of contents in the website comes to a decision coming to visit of spider number of times and also comes to a decision to search engine to favor degree in the being subjected to of website, so the contents needs to be renewed in time is to pass important, from the angle that the customer experienced personally to say is also such, usually come of the visitor discover the contents is old and grow this next go, everyone then slowly lost an attraction to this website, the natural website didn’t also glue sex Luo.

The second, the chain of high quality answers, is a since high quality certainly don’t include blog message, the forum replies to wait this type of of, chain’s connecting is a kind of vote system, the chain of high quality connected to reflect you of the popular degree of website, ;For example your writing an article is redistributed the chain formed to answer.The website chain that saw have last time connected a lot of but row at the chain connected the underneath of little station, in fact these are all not strange, the chain of high quality connected more effectively, so quality very key, difficult made a lot of chains that the garbage chains connected to rather and thoroughly do a high quality to answer.

The third, doing SEO has to have continuous, not is ranked ideal position ten thousand matter great lucks, you do excellent turn the station of very possible rival also at excellent turn, and renew to also want with must up, rank up but the maintenance still needs to do of, the placings like this then can hold out for long time, excellent the strength for turning can appropriately ease.

The fourth, the choice of keyword, this very the importance comes to a decision you of the fixed position of website, particularly the many people didn’t understand SEO to see the phrase thinks to be excellent to turn, this is very false and do excellent turn and do real can bring the phrase of benefits, not blindness of go to excellent turn, for example some station the business that can make a certain region rather than want to do a nationwide phrase, this not is tire the people and waste the resources?

The fifth, spider guide, although a lot of websites do very beautifully the spider don’t like, for example the FLASH spider of the whole page can not read to understand, can not also get into a contents inside the page index, say that this station is that gets empty hull for the spider, so as far as possible don’t use FLASH, and do a pure text originally of navigate, be convenient for the spider to get into inside the page index

SEO in view of Google new station optimization

2009 August 19
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Posted by dongyuanbin
Personally feel that the search engines are things like professional authority, a new station since it is not enough that the authority of the. We have the professional development, submit your site map, waiting for google’s record collection to check their own words after the ranking, the ranking of the initial reference only. If words are ranked, then see which pages have the top, the record that the adjustment to be done to optimize (of course before the whole of the stations have been optimized to be simple). If there is no place, then stand on their own to do this to find more appropriate words of the page (consider the words location, density and other factors, not necessarily home page) to see if this page has not been included. If there is no record of it to some big-fat-fat websites get a link to the page, doing what The net picks, google included as soon as possible so that your page, and then to optimize this page. Because it is a new station, it is proposed not made too many outside the chain, the main emphasis on links within your site, google the strength of the overall site value, outside the chain has not become a benevolent government, (but it is also essential to add Links is the best) , friendl chain in the absence of a new station in the circumstances, to do a good job within the chain is particularly important. Specifically how to do a lot of online presentation, for example: In the article, add the following links to related articles; an increase in product-related product information pages of the article; do a good job in the navigation of the page under the navigation and so many ways to improve their own!
To submit their pages for optimization, more or less similar. There are so few focus on:
1, the page is a static page as far as possible, the reasons for not more than that, everyone knows it well enough.
2, Title of the words that they ought to be the first place, and then add site name or some other directory; the words do not put too much generally more suitable for three.
3, meta attributes although it is not a lot of attention to save, you can put a focus on long tail keywords and related words to describe the statement.
4, in a conspicuous place on the page placed on the words do not have to, but it makes people come to discover what you mainly in the introduction.
5, so a few links to your page (more emphasis Home Baidu, Baidu one can speed up the intake, the weights can improve the page), higher weight Home page ranking is also good.